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15 Best TOTO Bidet in 2024 (Rankings & Top Reviews)

TOTO Bidet is a sanitary ware product added to the toilet to form an intelligent toilet that provides innovative features such as the self-cleaning feature on TOTO's smart toilet. Mainly, the TOTO bidet is installed in the intelligent WASHLET TOTO toilet. 

TOTO Bidet is an electronic device, so users must follow the instructions for use so that the product is always safe, durable, and functional.

The article below will show you the top best TOTO Bidet, which will help you choose the ones that suit you.
If you are ready, let’s begin!

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    Scores from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our BOT Reporting tool based on the collected data. This score is born to evaluate product quality, and is automatically obtained and is not influenced by anyone, any company, any brand.

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TOTO is a long-standing Japanese sanitary ware brand; when it comes to TOTO, people immediately think of a leading Japanese luxury brand with outstanding features. Easy use, lightness, comfort, and health are the factors that Japanese people focus on. 

With luxury but simple design, TOTO has more and more developed and various types of products and models. Among those, which are the best TOTO bidets to buy? From some good criteria we will give you; we hope you will find one TOTO best bidet. 

Let the best TOTO bidet help you relax your underneath body. 

Top 15 Best TOTO Bidet Reviews 2022

Here are the top 15 best TOTO Bidet recommend to you. Our experts research and review them; then we rank the top products you may be interested in bidet TOTO. Check it out to get the best for yourself.

1. Best For Overall: TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water SW2034#01 C100


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Are you looking for a TOTO electronic bidet? TOTO electronic bidet criteria are easy-to-use, friendly, simple, and luxurious design. TOTO electronic bidet has many outstanding and intelligent features. 
Besides, the TOTO electronic bidet also has top-ranking technologies such as super water saving, anti-fouling, anti-virus, heated seat, auto soft close seat and lid, water heating, deodorizer, and other special features. 

One different part here is that the TOTO electronic bidet has a luxury remote to make Washer Controls at Your Fingertip. 
From those features and high technologies, we can evaluate TOTO electronic bidet as the TOTO best bidet.
The TOTO SW2034 #01 offers the most excellent combination of cost and execution in our conclusion. It's sensibly estimated but still has all the vital highlights you'd require from a bidet.

For case, you get adjustable temperature settings, permitting you to dial within the proper heat for your cleaning flow. The weight is additionally movable, so you'll get the most excellent balance between consolation and cleanliness.
You indeed get a swaying splash choice. Be that as it may, you must alter the wand each time you employ it to urge it into the proper position as there's no memory setting. With this bidet, no more collapsing toilets much appreciated the delicate situation. 

It's indeed warmed to keep you warm on chilly mornings. And when you're clean, there's a built-in discuss dryer to create. Beyond any doubt, you do not get dribbling once you stand up.


  • Movable temperature setting
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Oscillating options
  • Softly near the warmed seat
  • Built-in warm discuss dryer


  • The wand must be adjusted with each use

2. Best For Performance: TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing SW3036#01 K300

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If you're looking between alternative packs concerning cost and performance, you'll be able to consider the TOTO SW3036 #01.
It's not as costly as a few premium choices but more reasonable. Additionally, it needs the highlights found on the leading offers, even though it prepares with all the essential functions. 

This bidet has a moment water warming highlight that gives persistent warm water for as long as you want. It also has a few incredible cleaning highlights like PREMIST that make a difference in anticipating squander from staying in the bowl.
There's indeed a built-in discuss deodorizer to keep your washroom noticing fresh. We cherish this bidet wand.

It offers front and raises washes with five splash settings to select from. What didn't awe us was the litter manual that came with the bidet. In our involvement, the client manual and the establishment are useless.


  • Moment water heating
  • Deodorize the encompassing air
  • Wash the front and raise with five shower settings
  • Cleaning PREMIST prevents waste from sticking to the bowl


  • More costly than numerous models
  • The manuals do not have any offer of assistance

3. Best For Comfortable: 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF TOTO Washlet 


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If you don’t want to install a bidet only or wish to change your new toilet, TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet will be the best choice.

TOTO bidet toilet combo is also known as TOTO toilet with built-in bidet or TOTO toilets bidets combined. TOTO bidet toilet combo has two parts, including the TOTO toilet integrated with the TOTO bidet, which gives you convenience, saves money, and no wasting of time in installing the bidet in the bathroom.

Moreover, the TOTO bidet toilet combo has upgraded features, including 3D Tornado Flush, CeFiONtect, Universal Height, and Skirted design.

Many high technologies are auto open and close lid, heated seat, deodorizer, premise, self-clean, cleansing functions, dryer, and automatic flush. From these technologies, the TOTO toilet bidet combo might become the TOTO best bidet.
The WASHLET bidet can consolidate a double flush latrine with Tornado Flush 3D innovation. There are raised warm water and front cleaning items with five modes of temperature settings and movable weight.

The PreMist and EFIONTECT coat work grant the latrine an excellent quality that prevents squandering from staying. Washlet highlights a luxurious auto-closing top and seats with warmed seats, a warm discuss dryer and discuss deodorizer for included consolation.


  • The heated seat provides maximum comfort
  • Multiple cleaning function
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Saving water with a Double Cyclone Flushing system


  • Expensive

4. Best For Domestic: TOTO MW614574CEFG#01 WASHLET


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Planned for each domestic, WASHLET+ is a neat mode to present cleanliness and consolation. 
TOTO One-Piece with Carlyle II 1.28 GPF Prolonged Can and the S300e are outlined with a suppressed association; there are no unmistakable fixtures or wires, making the toilet a friendly space. 

WASHLET and can innovations work jointly in idealized agreement to supply unmatched fulfillment. The item employments EWATER +, which could be a secure and effective compound that cleans the latrine bowl after each utilization.


  • EWATER + technology included
  • Warm water
  • Air-in wander wave technology


  • Not at all

5. Best For Budget: TOTO WASHLET K300 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat SW3036R#01 


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TOTO K300 Washlet (SW3036R) is TOTO's upgraded premium bidet item. With a thin plan, the K300 SW3036R washbasin is as it were accessible in a long estimate and incorporates highlights ordinary of high-end bidet seats. 
Compared to the past show SW3036, this overhauled K300 SW3036R includes TOTO's eWater+.

With the K300 washbasin, TOTO is attempting its hand at the mid-range online bidet advertise. Compared to the lower-end models, the K300 incorporates a much slimmer and lower plan.
 The C arrangement sinks are bulky. Whereas they work well, the bulk of that demonstrate run could be a massive turn-off for numerous clients. 

Its plan is much more advanced and matches other high-end bidets in the advertisement. There's a tankless water heating system. 
The product makes it much more vitality effective and gives boundless warm water for the most incredible comfort. The circular measure is on the K300 arrangement.


  • Moment water heating
  • Deodorize the encompassing air
  • Wash the front and raise with five shower settings


  • More costly than numerous models
  • The manuals do not have any offer of assistance

6. TOTO C2 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat SW3074#01 WASHLET 


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The delicate effective water fly conveys cleaning comes about with movable warm water and weight settings. It splashes double activity with a swaying alternative that makes a reviving clean each time. 

SoftClose warmed bidet situate provides consistent warmth over the whole situates surface; The discuss deodorizer neutralizes washroom odors with a capable discuss channel; the Movable warm discusses dryer for simple cleaning. 
PREMIST makes a difference anticipate squander from staying by utilizing the water supply to fog the can sometime recently each use; 

The wand naturally cleans itself with EWATER from the interior. A helpful sideboard permits clients to manage and develop personalized water filtration sets to put cleanliness and extravagance.


  • Refreshing clean
  • Premise innovation included


  • The dry setting is minimal

7. TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm  SW3056#01 S550E  


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When we began to see the high-cost tag of the TOTO SW3056 #01, it was difficult not to pant. It's so unimaginably costly that you just can purchase a few of our best-offered values ​​for the exact cost as a fair one of these premium-offered seats. 
Be that as it may, once you hear a few of its standout highlights, you'll become a believer. The way it opens is, to begin with, a thing you may take note of around this bidet once you install it. 

Walk near to it, and the sensors will consequently identify you, opening the cover without you indeed touching it. When you finish, the lid will therefore be near as well.
At midnight, there's a built-in night light, so you'll be able to see without turning on the overhead lights. 

The warmed seats keep you comfortable on chilly mornings, and the water is right away and ceaselessly warm. Two clients can spare their settings within the onboard memory.
Making a difference in keeping your restroom clean are PREMIST and EWATER+. PREMIST pre-rinse the bowl with water to avoid staying. EWATER + may be an extraordinary cleaning arrangement that washes all dishes after each utilization.


  • Built-in night light
  • Instant and ceaseless warm water
  • The hands-free top consequently opens
  • Convenient remote farther control
  • Can store memory for two clients


  • Expensive

8. TOTO WASHLET KC2 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat 


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Pressed with premium highlights like warmed seats, deodorizers, and boundless warm water, this TOTO SW30214 #01 electronic can situate sufficient that TOTO never cuts corners.

 Its development and solidness are fantastic, whereas its clean, white wrap-up may be a touch of excellence. 
With double activity shower highlights and throbbing and wavering highlights, this TOTO KC2 WASHING MACHINE is, beyond any doubt to be one of the client favorites within the advertisement.
 It offers a combination of cutting-edge plans and a few exceedingly professional capacities to fit the bill.

This TOTO washbasin chair is a prominent feature that can balance the water temperature and volume settings. You'll entirely alter the scenes so you merely can appreciate fair the proper sum of weight and warm drop you want. 
Its warm drying highlight may be a show button! It boasts three variable temperature settings to choose from.
Another great feature is its helpful arm control board with enlightened buttons, so you won't need to turn on the lights to function within the center of the night.

It moreover highlights TOTO's elite SoftClose situate, so there's no more commotion when the top is closed at any time of day.
This TOTO WASHLET KC2 long bidet situate is prepared with a smooth crease beat plan that kills the crevice between the bowl and the situate.
TOTO WASHLET KC2  avoids earth and cleans amassing. These above-average highlights make this electronic bidet chair simple to clean at the side of its docking station.


  • Multiple clean methods
  • Softclose seat
  • Clean resin


  • Not at all

9. TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm SW3054#01 S550E


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TOTO WASHLET S550e SW3054 # 01 Amplified Electric Latrine Situate with EWATER+ and Classic Cover Programmed Collapsible is an electronic extravagance situate that can clean you with warm water, giving a remarkable clean feeling. 
Rather than conventional latrine paper, which can now and then be unpleasant and frequently ineffectual, WASHLET rapidly gives relaxing, amiable water cleansing only by touching a button. 

A casual one-off trip to the restroom can turn into a spa with WASHLET. It highlights TOTO's innovative EWATER + innovative framework using electrolyzed water. 
EWATER+ innovation keeps your can clean without including unforgiving chemicals by moistening the bowl after each utilization. 

TOTO's progressed PREMIST innovation stops buildup within the latrine by utilizing the water supply to splash the tub sometime recently and makes a difference in keeping the lavatory pure.
The WASHLET TOTO S550e is worked with a lavishly enlightened touch further control, two client recollections for sparing favored settings. 

WASHLET has five settings for shower, dryer, discuss purifier, programmed cover opening and closing, situate radiator, night light, and moment water warming. 
The recently updated top is flush with the can, giving a streamlined and dramatic look to a coordinated frame. The moderate show gives a more satisfying see of the WASHLET.


  • The hands-free top consequently opens. 
  • Convenient remote farther control. 


  • Not at all

10. TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware


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The TOTO NEOREST 700H is the apex of washroom innovation and extravagance. The consolation highlights of the TOTO NEOREST 700H start as before long as you approach and proceed indeed after you take off. 
You have total control as you select front, delicate raise, raise, swaying, and throbbing cleaning choices and customize the water fly's volume and warmness.

You can choose one client's memory setting for moment dialing, agreeing to your inclination. 
Clean cooperative energy comes to your house with the mixture of 1G TORNADO FLUSH, CEFIONTECT, and EWATER+ technology. Built-in programmed highlights counting top opening and closing, night light, and flushing improve your public involvement. 

There is no got to stress about almost anything anymore; NEOREST 700H does it all for you; all you need to do is sit back and relax.


  • Completely coordinates framework with progressed can and bidet features
  • Has the most noteworthy quality materials and development for life span and durability
  • Save water with a fair 1 gallon per flush system. 
  • Helping individuals with restricted versatility and inabilities accomplish self-care and recapture freedom.


  • High toilet

11. TOTO Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water SW2044#01 C200 Electronic


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There's a part to like almost the TOTO SW2044 #01, but there's also very little to go off-base with keeping this bidet. Let's begin with the positive qualities. 

First, this bidet has coordinates discuss deodorizer that makes a difference avoid unsavory odors within the bathroom.
 It features a double activity sprayer with a wavering alternative. Warmed seats make cold mornings much more comfortable, and a warm discuss dryer keeps you dry. 

For comfort, two clients can store their settings for quick access. 
Like a few other TOTO toilets, this can employ a plastic-to-metal association that's insufficient to avoid spills. 
It is additionally more restricted in space than other models due to the wand's position, particularly for men. We do not need that you simply as it gave a little sum of warm water sometime recently it begins to solidify your posterior.


  • It stores two clients for fasting access. 
  • Double-acting shower with wavering action.
  • Heated seats and warm discussion dryers.


  • Connecting plastic to metal causes headaches when installing
  • Limited space for some men
  • Not enough warm water

12. TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 


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WASHLET SW3084 #01 C5 could be TOTO's high-tech electronic toilet. The establishment could be simple. 
It conveys progressed innovation and advancement to improve cleanliness and give extreme individual consolation. 
The C5 highlights a movable shower that permits you to encounter a water wash that purifies and revives you more successfully.

You may feel purer and relaxer than you’ve ever handled after a lavatory break. The PREMIST work showers the bowl sometime recently each utilize, making a difference to keep your can bowl clean. The C5 gives a fulfilling cleansing encounter each time.


  • Warm water
  • lit-up touchpad included


  • The wand arm makes strange gurgling noises 

13. TOTO SW2014#01 A100 Electronic Bidet Toilet


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If you're trying to find a quality bidet experience without the substantial cost tag, you'll be able to check out the TOTO SW2014 #01. 
It's one of the cheapest offers in TOTO's lineup, but that doesn't cruel it's worth it. It needs the highlights you're looking for. This bidet has movable water settings with a swaying cleaning alternative. 

It gives warm water for cleaning, although you merely get many seconds of warm water when it runs out. 
The wand is self-cleaning, so you do not have to be stressed, almost continually getting your hands grimy attempting to keep your bidet clean. 

Like most of the bidets on this list, this bidet contains a soft-close cover that won't bash, wake your family in the center of the night, or squeeze someone's fingers. 
With all these excellent highlights at a reasonable cost, it's simple to see why we think typically the most excellent bidet TOTO can for the cash.


  • Self-cleaning wands
  • More affordable than most models
  • Adjustable water settings with the fluctuating cleaning capacity


  • It contains a constrained sum of warm water

14. TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat SW2024#01 A200 WASHLET 


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You'll get a warmed, soft-close chair that's helpful and offers most extreme consolation on cold mornings. The wand can clean itself; you won't need to disinfect it constantly. 
The seats are warm and comfortable. Be that as it may, you get many seconds of warm water with this bidet situate, so it quickly turns into an awkwardly cold involvement.


  • Seats are heated, soft close
  • Self-cleaning wands


  • No dryer included
  • Run out of warm water too fast

15. TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat SW583#12 S350E Electronic 


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With this bidet, you'll have a programmed cover. It opens as you approach and closes when you're done with a hands-free involvement.
It has built-in memory to spare settings for two users, so you do not need to straighten out your wand and spout each time you want to clean. We moreover adore the moment, continuous warm water.

We specified that it is typically an expensive bidet and close to the crest cost of the TOTO bidet. At this cost point, we'd cherish to see a fantastic guarantee, but you merely get one year. 
It wouldn't be such a huge bargain on the off chance that it wasn't for the glitches we've had.


  • Programmed opening and closing lid. 
  • Non-stop of warm water. 
  • Store settings for two clients.


  • Pricey
  • Only one-year warranty 

Buying Guides For The Best Toto Bidet

If you are worried about how to choose a suitable product because the right product will be the best TOTO bidet, this section will help you solve this issue.


Each kind of product has its special features. However, the TOTO bidet has distinct characteristics: 

  • Traditional Bidet: Contemporary, sleek design, with flushing rim and vertical spray, for deck-mounted faucet, integral overflow, two-bolt caps, and high SanaGloss technology.
  • TOTO Electronic Bidet: WASHLET controls at your fingertip, core luxuries, air dryer with adjustable temperature settings, luxury cleanse provides an exceptionally clean, air deodorizer purifies the air and neutralizes unwanted odors, front cleanse provides a gentle and refreshing feminine wash, water heating technology for soothing warm water, auto open and close seat and lid creates hands-free experience, night light softly illuminates, advanced toilet bowl cleaning.
  • TOTO Toilet Bidet Combo: WASHLET bidet seat toilet with integrated dual flush toilet with 3D Tornado Flush technology, five adjustable temperature and pressure settings, the CEFIONTECT glaze, and PreMist function gives the toilet bowl a lubricious quality that helps prevent waste from adhering.


The condition in each family is not the same; therefore, how you choose the product suitable for your budget and make sure the development quality must be good. The price of each product which we gave you above is reasonable to have the TOTO best bidet for your house. 


Different from some USA bidets, TOTO bidet products are mostly porcelain bidets or made of mixed porcelain. This porcelain material will make the product clean, luxurious, and light. Furthermore, porcelain will make your bathroom bright and more harmonious.


The warranty is also a concern for some customers. TOTO is a careful brand in each little detail so that the contract is not passed. Most warranty time lasts from one year to five years. This number is stable with some furniture products.


All the most excellent bidet toilets have a targeted advertisement, and brand designers regularly need to pull in the inverse sex to utilize their items. 
For case, brand producers may not need men to utilize brand X cookware since the brand focuses on the fashion of these appliances instead of its practicality. 
So, if you're a man, do not purchase X brand kitchenware even though they seem "cool"! Did you investigate carefully to see who is best suited to utilize distinctive domestic machines or mold things sometime recently?


TODAY'S BEST DEALS      View on Amazon

Lifestyle considerations

Everybody contains a distinctive way of life, so critical changes happen at whatever point something happens, such as changing employments, getting hitched, having children, etc.

On the off chance that you move to a city After getting hitched, your lifestyle will be diverse since now you may utilize open transport and claim the leading car and product.

If you end up a parent, the brand of toys you select for your son or girl will likely alter. You have to consider who will utilize the item best and their needs. At that point, purchase the leading brand that works for them.


Below are some questions that customers may concern about when buying TOTO Bidet.


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How to select the best TOTO bidet?

Knowing your needs is vital; sometimes, you recently make an educated choice. 
You must decide what you wish, the brand you need to own, etc. All these questions can assist you in being more apparent when choosing the most excellent product. 

Consider age to select the good TOTO bidet latrine. Individuals of diverse age bunches have distinctive needs for any product, such as dress, nourishment, etc. 
Whereas individuals of all ages can utilize smartphones and computers tablets, the requirements for the leading TOTO bidet can situate diverse. 

More youthful eras utilize smartphones and portable workstations to observe motion pictures or play recreations. In contrast, more seasoned individuals use them to create video calls, compose emails, or surf the internet.
Moreover, do not expect that kids and youngsters not know anything approximately the brand when buying a smartphone. Teenagers can be specialists in their brand names and promoting techniques. 

They may have listened to numerous of the brand's mottos in TV commercials, and they too know all the brand's popular models, similar to grown-ups! So you should consider your age and purchase the good TOTO bidet.

How do you install the product?

This issue concerns customers when they want to buy any product. To solve this issue, we have an item for customers who wish to install the bidet at home by themselves. 
On the other hand, some people don’t want to do self-installation because they don’t want to make the bidet break. For this reason, we have a professional staff that helps you install.

Can we change the separate toilet or bidet when using the TOTO toilet bidet combo?

The TOTO toilet bidet combo is the TOTO bidet and TOTO toilet, so changing any part of this product is possible. However, one note is that some features must be the same brand as TOTO.
Are you confident that warm water always has?
With the high technology, the best TOTO Bidet will provide enough warm water when used. Furthermore, the product also controls the temperature to ensure it is not too hot or too cold and gives the customer a comfortable feeling.

Will the auto cleaning of the TOTO best bidet remove stains on the toilet well?

The WASHLET features TOTO’s technologically advanced EWATER+ system, which uses electrolyzed water generated by a technologically advanced process, transforming the water into a safe and powerful compound. 
By misting the bowl after every use, the EWATER+ technology helps to keep your toilet bowl clean and hygienic without any extra harsh chemicals. 
TOTO’s advanced PREMIST technology prevents toilet bowl waste buildup by using an incoming water supply to spray the bowl before every use and help keep it clean.

Does it waste water if we use the auto flush of the TOTO best bidet?

The automatic Dual-Max flush will determine the necessary flush quantity of water before flushing. The powerful flushing of the 3D Tornado Flush combined with the CeFiONtect glaze will ensure that the amount of water is enough to whisk away all of the stains and keep your toilet clean.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, taking care of health is a necessary thing which is a concern in some developing countries. Choosing an excellent functional bidet like the best TOTO bidet would positively impact our health. 

Understanding some customers’ demands, we try our best to give you some criteria above to help you choose the best TOTO Bidet for taking all of the members in your house. If you have an existing toilet, you can consider a washlet or toilet seat such as TOTO C100 or TOTO SW3036. It helps you save money, time, and bathroom space while having a great experience using the toilet. 

We recommend you consider buying a toilet combo if you are in construction. If you can prepare and calculate the sewage systems, tanks, and electrical wires… for your bathroom, we recommend MS992CUMFG-01-Neorest-Toilet-Cotton, TOTO MS920CEMFG, and TOTO MW614574CEFG#01; here are the top picks of 2021. We hope this article is helpful for you.

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